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An important step that must be done before structural drying can begin is to detect where the moisture is within a structure. Moisture can be present in hidden areas that may not be visible to the eye. Speed-Dry locates moisture by using moisture detecting instruments combined with detailed knowledge of building construction.


When there’s an inch of water in a house, it’s obvious that the flooring is wet. What may not be so obvious, however, is how far into the walls and structure the water has wicked. It can absorb into drywall and insulation behind cabinetry, tiled walls, and hidden areas of the structure. Likewise, when the source of the water comes from an upper floor, the water can travel laterally on its way down to the ground and penetrate areas you wouldn’t expect. It’s important to detect all of this moisture to establish an effective drying plan.

Moisture detection is also important in the case of water damage from an unknown source, such as a hidden roof leak, window leak, or leak in the building envelope. Maybe you see or smell mold but you don’t know where it’s coming from. Maybe you are noticing stains on the ceiling or walls. In these situations, you need to find the source of the leak in order to fix the problem. Moisture detection and tracing is how we find those hidden leaks.

There are several ways to dry a structure. Hi velocity blowers and fans are very effective tools to accomplish this. Speed Dry has many types of them. We have floor blowers, which are effective for drying carpet, floors, and lower parts of walls. We have other blowers that can be angled upwards to dry ceilings and high walls. And, we have large axial fans that move large quantities of air for whole areas.

Dehumidifiers are effective at removing humidity. If the humidity is high, such as after water damage occurs, the air must be dehumidified in order for effective structural drying to occur. Speed Dry has dehumidifiers of all sizes ranging from one room units up to very large industrial models.

Air injection for wall cavities and hidden areas is effective when standard air flow will not reach an area. Examples are walls behind cabinets, under cabinetry, sealed wall cavities, and walls covered by tile or wallpaper. Speed Dry has air injection machines to do this job. They work by injecting low pressure air into hidden areas via tiny injection nozzles.

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